Unilever Great People Great Place

Unilever Great People Great Place

What better way to find out more about a job and its work environment, than to hear it from the people working there?

We helped Unilever Singapore create a series of videos, sharing from the employees’ perspective, some interesting details of their work scopes and Unilever’s work culture.


Think finance is just about numbers? Why is reaching out to the target audience in business-to-business sometimes more challenging than business-to-consumers? How does the supply chain help to create a sustainable agricultural environment?

We found out about these from the people who love the roles they are playing in Unilever, and learned to respect the efforts that go into putting a bottle of shampoo on a supermarket shelf.

Up to 14 people were interviewed, and the content were used in both the “Great People, Great Place” work culture video, and their respective job functions’ videos.

To facilitate filming in a busy office, interviews were conducted in meeting rooms, with green screens set up as backgrounds. Backgrounds of the office environment were then filmed and superimposed in post-production.



UL-open area




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