Scoot’s Case Study Video

Scoot’s Case Study Video

Working on case studies videos are always interesting – we learn so much about the campaigns, and without having to do the actual planning, designing (and stressing), we get to see all the lovely results.

This campaign was cheeky – Scoot airline noticed an American counterpart had been sharing remarkable similarities in branding, and launched a campaign thanking their doppelganger for loving Scoot.

Titled “Inspiring Spirit”, the campaign shows that we do not always need to go to court to win. Sometimes, humor is a better, and more profitable route to take .

This campaign has since won a Cannes Silver Lion award, and generated more than 40 million USD in earned media.

Best of all, even the American counterpart is choosing to see the fun in this.

Make fun, not war.


Client: Scoot
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore




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