StarHub MaxMobile

Client: StarHub

The client’s brief: Show that StarHub broadband is available for everyone everywhere.

The challenges: [One] we had to showcase the ubiquity of the service; [Two] appeal to a wide range of consumers; [Three] keep it cohesive, personable, interesting and visually appealing; [Four] work within a very tight timeline. So, we: [One] casted and found within record time a pool of likeable talents that are representative of all potential users, and hence were able to showcase the breadth of solutions relevant to them; [Two] combined live shoot with CG, visual effects and created a cool hyper-real world that effectively illustrated the connectivity; [Three] threw in just a touch of romance to make the story more interesting, and; [Four] worked very hard.

This video was shown on StarHub cable channels, in-store displays, road shows and trade shows.