People's Association PA Talents Marketing Video

Client: People's Association

Silver World Medal
International TV & Film Awards Competition, New York Festivals

The Client’s brief: To create a uniquely “PA Talents” video that celebrates the diversity of PA’s art groups, yet unifies them under a common identity.

Showcasing the talents in their best light is the easy part. They are beautiful, creative and a delight to film. The key challenge is to create the connection between the different art groups.

At the conceptualization stage, we decided to apply a motion graphics motif to create the connection. So we shot the talents in a blue-screen studio to allow for post-production play. To reinforce the unified identity, we composed a piece of music that highlights the cultural variety of “PA Talents” yet weaves the different cultural elements together.

This video was created from scratch at Emoxis. We did the full works: concept, storyboard, shoot, graphics and post-production, music composition, sound effects and design. And we won a medal for it =)