Singapore Sports Council Something For Everyone

Client: Singapore Sports Council

In line with the Singapore Sports Council’s latest "Let's Play" branding, we conceived a fun and upbeat idea to feature various family members in the quest for fun.

Almost every corner had a "surprise” waiting to spring out. There’s really something for everyone!

The facilities video introduced the Sports and Recreational Centre as a one-stop destination for the whole family: easily accessible, with various lifestyle facilities catering to all age groups; facilities including minimarts, spas, sports shops and restaurants, the video was all set to demonstrate the all-rounded inclusive experience that the SRC could offer to everyone in the family.

The mood and tone of the video had to be kept light hearted to pique the interest of the audience. From the music selection to the graphic treatment of visuals, we met our objective which was to reach out to the everyday people, as well as present sports as something playful and fun for everyone to engage in.