Visa Olympics "Moving Images"

Client: VISA

To add motion to still pictures taken in a photographic competition organized by Visa in conjunction with the Beijing Olympics 2008.

To visually present and enhance the beauty and vibrancy of the winning photos in the best possible way.

The challenge was to create four unique visual identities illustrating the four themes whilst still keeping to the overarching integrity of the theme.

We created four different motion sequences which are related to the themes of ‘Faster’, ‘Higher’, ‘Stronger’ and ‘China’. In Faster, the visual identity was motivated by creating an overarching sense of ‘speed’ and ‘exhilaration’. For Higher, it was the ‘spirit of competition’ and the desire to ‘scale new heights’ in a steady progression, moving from one image to the next. Likewise, Stronger delivered a sense of impact by focusing on the expressions that showed ‘emotional and psychological strength’ in addition to ‘physical strength’. China, which was the final clip in the sequence, was depicted to show how Visa understands the Chinese culture amidst its steady modernisation efforts.