Sony Hip On High-Definition

Client: Sony

Hip on High-Definition: Baylene

We featured well-known modern Asian pop-artist Ketna through an infotainment format. This autobiographical and documentary style video shows how she uses Sony products - Cybershot, Wega TV, from first capturing her inspirations and fulfilling her dream artworks through the creative process.

We featured well-known fashion designer Baylene through an infotainment format. An autobiographical, documentary style was adopted for this video. The vignette relates how Sony products define her creative lifestyle – we show how the Handycam and Wega TV translate her inspirations and allow her to capture her dreams.

It's a challenge to showcase unsurpassed quality and we opted for the Sony CineAlta camera, the best in the league, to capture it.
We worked with a 10bit HD uncompressed FCP Edit System, using HD SDI in-out. Color grading was done on Color which offered us precise control. The result is the pristine images you see.

Hip on High-Definition: Ketna