Institute of Technical Education The ITE X-Perience

Client: Institute of Technical Education

Marketing video showcasing courses offered by ITE produced for secondary school-leaving students.

The target audience typically would react better to a more subtle and subliminal message as opposed to the hard sell approach. We realized that as these individuals played computer games and were tech savvy as such; we opted for the analogy of a superhero.

They were brought through a journey led by the superhero. And through the journey we showcased some of the courses available at ITE and what these individuals could do with the skills they learnt.

We demonstrated that through the application of skills learnt through the courses, they were able to assist the superhero in his quest! This style went down very well with the students as they were able to identify with the visual experience, characters and could testify to the adage that “Seeing is believing”, as opposed to the top down dictatorial approach and Voice of God narration used in most corporate videos.

We opted for a mix of 3D Animation composited with Live Action.

Some challenges faced included working with student actors, who are not professionally trained actors, to pull off the very precise visual effects shots.

In terms of post production, creating a game-like interface for the various transitions proved really fun and engaging for the design team.