School Of The Arts

Client: School of the Arts

Gold Plaque
Educational - Child Audience
43rd INTERCOM Awards, Chicago International Film Festival
Bronze World Medal
Sales: Education
International Film & Video Trophy, New York Festivals

To showcase the school and all its wonders to parents who want their kids to pursue an education in the arts. The video had to be colorful and engaging for the kids, yet not too childish that it alienates the parents. It had to be informative for the parents, illustrating the school’s cross-disciplinary approach to teaching while maintaining the brand image of the school at the same time.

The creative freedom granted by the client allowed us to take the graphical treatment of the video to a new level. Inspiration struck us when experimenting with the various art forms resulting in a body of work that we were all pleased with.

Throughout the video, we have tried to exemplify this integrated teaching mindset. Some examples include showing mathematical angles with a basketball game, ballet with symmetry as explored by Da Vinci. We took it a step further and interpreted this to be Da Vinci’s exploration of human anatomy combined with hip hop dance. We experimented with the blending of music with painting, and analyzed the chemical processes of painting. We integrated art and design styles from various media which included: painting, photo montage, 3d animation, pencil sketches, duotone images, etc.