Exomnia Events Pte Ltd Asia's 50 Best Restaurants

Client: Exomnia Events Pte Ltd

Agency: Exomnia Events Pte Ltd

This video was shown during the awarding of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in a ceremony held at Capella on Singapore’s Sentosa Island.
The challenge of creating this video was combining seamlessly all elements representative of the best restaurants you can find on this side of the earth – ASIA; and yet still maintain the charm and individuality of each restaurant. We were able to achieve this by using icons that best represent the country of the restaurant and molding them into a symphony of movement, colour, and rhythm that speaks of Asia itself.
Another important factor is the composition of the music, which grabs and glues the attention of anyone hearing it, giving a lifeline to the video as a whole. In its composition, we decided to incorporate three elements: 1) sounds of kitchenware integrated into the rhythm to represent the idea of "restaurants", 2) orchestral and ethnic melodic instruments to represent the idea of "Asia", and 3) the epic and impactful scope of drums to represent how important the event is to Asian restaurants.

Much care was taken into blending these three elements together, as one element cannot be without the other. In the final mix, over 50 tracks of instruments and kitchenware sounds were used — a new record for our composer. Some of the instruments used were Erhu, Sitar, Gamelan, various Taiko drums, Thai Gong, Vietnamese shakers, Indonesian Bongos, Nepalese Two-Headed Drums and Anklungs. We believe the resulting music speaks for itself!